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A snow laden roof is a dangerous liability

'Tis the Season... for SNOW! Don't risk getting hurt removing all of the heavy snow from your roof, let the professionals here at Bradshaw Construction handle it for you! Letting snow build up on your roof can cause permanent roof damage, call us today to get an estimate and make an appointment to ensure your roof remains intact this winter!

A build up of ice is dangerous to both building and occupants
A falling hazard to any passerby

Reasons for Roof Snow Removal:

1. As snow becomes compacted on your roof, the deeper the snow becomes, the more weight per square foot your roof has to support. Excess weight can lead up to and including collapse of both commercial and residential roofs.

2. Removing snow from your roof is great for general safety of you and your loved ones for it reduces risk of dangerous random drops of ice and snow while entering or exiting your home.

3. When heat rises and melts the snow on the roof, the snow can meld with the already forming ice on your gutters and create Ice Dams.

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